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Thanks to Joe Payne of Solunar Services, Inc. in Fort Myers, FL for these
Hunting and Fishing Tables. They are calibrated for the Latitude/Longitude of Crane Lake, MN.
The times will change + or - one minute for every 12 miles east or west of the base point.
(For example, Pelican Lake times would be 3 minutes later.)
Before he passed several years ago, Joe's father Jack used his own tables for Lake Vermilion,
saying night fishing during a full moon when there is a Solunar period in progress
is the best, and has personal logs to bear him out.
The key to accurate Solunar Times is the ability to chart the relative solar and lunar
positions with respect to a particular location. The major periods coincide with the upper
and lower meridian passage of the resultant gravitational force. They occur when these forces
are at 0 and 180 degrees apart. The minor periods occur when these forces are rising
or setting either horizon.
Good fishing and let us know how you do!

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