Dewberry - (Rubus pubescens)

Common Name: Dewberry

Scientific Name: Rubus pubescens

Family: Rose (Rosaceae)

Flower Color: White

Habitat: Dry open spaces

General Bloom Dates: June - August

General Characteristics:
This 5 petal flowering plant is easy to miss in a lush green forest edges where it resides. The one inch flower is rather inconspicious and the black sweet fruit found in July is even more scarce. The three leaflets look very similar to its cousin, the common raspberry leaves. The flowers and leaves grow on a trailing stem which is prickly and will be noticed by those in sandals.

Plant Lore:
There have not been volumes of research done on this lowly plant, it one of noteworthiness to the wild berry forager. A cousin to the raspberry and blackberry the fruit of the Dewberry is similar in appearance, however to the palate of the discriminating berry grazer you will notice a sweeter, more flavorful delicacy of this fruit. Gathering enough to make a pie would undoubtedly take several hours if not days, as the fruit appears singularly of if really fortunate you may find two per plant. From this observers viewpoint, the plant is fairly plentiful, but the ratio of plant to fruit is close to 40:1. The search is worth the effort when the berries are found, happy hunting.

Modern Uses of this Plant:
A surprising treat to the hiker in the woods during the later part of June and early July here in the Northwoods.